Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jason Mrazzzzzz

Uncle Dave scored us some Mraz tickets for Tuesday night.  Since Carter and dad felt like it should be a "girl thing" we invited Alyssa, her Mama, and Lacy.  Everyone had a friend.  Since I was "technically" not supposed to drive, Ms. Latrenda escorted us to the show.

That is a picture of her singing.  

We parked and walked around looking for comida.  We found a place called THE DUCK AND DECANTER.  hmmmm it was good.  I had low expectations and when I bit into my "pocket" it was yummy.  

Everyone was super polite and happy.  It's Jason Mraz for Pete's sake.  

I believe it was a great experience to walk around downtown Phoenix.  It is good to get out of one's bubble once in awhile.  

It is good to see street performers.  

Okay, not to talk about me, but my boobs look like they have their own zip code.  I have no clue what is going on here.  

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