Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happenings in the last 2 days

1.  Ava, you read your first real book to us.  The feet book by Dr. Suess. 

2.  Paige, you informed us at dinner last night that clapping is actually hitting ourselves.  You suggested that we do the wavy jazz hands that is sign language for clapping. 

3.  Ellie you picked out a nicer viola at Milanos since you have been the first "practicer"in the family. 

4.  Daniel started a tiny burn/fire in his "home" by purchasing a fan type heater that he then proceeded to leave on for days.  When I found said "fire"and he was no where in site, and I removed said heaters, Uncle Danny has proceeded to pitch a fit.  A fit that entails sore joints and needing to nap during work hours.  I keep singing "burning down the house."   He might be the reason I have to dye my hair every 5 weeks. 

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