Monday, February 4, 2013

Ladies Nigh a la Demon Tail

I had a ladies gathering this past Saturday lovers.  Twas great, minus the fact that your Mama was stung four times by the demon tail.  At first it looked as if my womb crew wasn't going to show.  Jessica and Alina arrived and tu'Papa was hanging with me.  I invited him to stay.  Thank Baby Jesus I did just that, for I was sitting there chatting it up with the lovely Stefanie when I reached my left hand around to see what was bugging my back.  Sting on my pinkie, sting on my wrist.  I immediately know it is a Demon Tail and turn my back to the Captain and say

"I think I just got stung by a scorpion."

He of course didn't believe me, until I turned my back to him and he screamed like a 5 year old.  He took a plate to squish it on my back.  It proceeded to sting me two more times on my back.  2 inches from my spine.  Ahhh, good stuff.  All of the ladies were so damn fabulous.  Grabbing me icepacks and Advil and such.  Love them.  Jessica's cousin Alina kept a fresh glass of wine in my hand at all times.  Between the wine, icepack, and advil I was great. 

The rest of the evening passed with great food, talk of kids, meeting new friends, yoga, etc.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and need to stay on top of organizing these things. 

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