Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet the Teacher, Haircuts, and the 1st day of School

So, we went to meet the teacher and afterwards headed over to Tia Rosas for take-out.  As soon as we walked in you, A, and your friend Seneca ran for each other and squealed in delight.

The next day we went for haircuts/styling and everyone was super excited.  Ava, you wanted your hair "big", like pageant big.  It twas.  E, you wanted it curly.  The curly last for the evening and we had to straighten it in the morning.  (this only caused drama like the world was over) Paige, you wanted yours straightened. 

Did I mention that as dad and I were sitting on the couch waiting for everyone to make their way outside you, A, walked out with your bangs bright pink?  You were super excited and told us that Ellie did it and she was going to do the rest of your hair in a sec.  Ahhh.  Dad kind of put his foot down on it.

Carter, you have been the last one out to the car the last 3 days.  What the what?  Get it together dude.

Ava tooted just before the pic - hence your face E.

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