Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Year of the Sassy yet Observant student

I post this picture as a tribute to the sassy that is you, Miss. A.  Yes, that is the boy solider in the back ground from The Walking Dead.  That is a bloody wound on his chest from a crazy farmer shooting him whilst out hunting the zombies.  Zombies are fo realz  - you will be super thankful someday when they plague the planet and yo dad and I are completely prepared.

Back to "the Sassy".  I wrote to Mrs. Heath yesterday to share the wonderful stories that are being shared at our dinner table.  Here is the email and the response:


I have to share with you some of the lovely conversations from our dinner table.  Yesterday Nathan and I asked Ava what she was learning in school.  Her reply:

"Ahh it's crazy.  I'm the only one that knows EVERYTHING.  I even know what my teacher is thinking."

Ms. Margerum is great.  Ava is happy and I would say just a bit confident.

Tonight Ellie leaned on her elbows and said, 

"I've been assigned all of the teachers for my subjects now.  My teachers are..............(during this silence I was expecting her to convey the difficulty of 5th grade)....................so nice.  Mr. Collins is really good at eye contact."

I was not expecting eye contact to be the trait that makes such a large impact on Ellie.  Mrs. Griego is such a perfect fit for her!

Thanks for all that you do!  

Jennifer Wenzel-Babbitt


Hi Jennifer,

This made my day! Thank you for sharing the "school thoughts" of Ava and Ellie! How darling and precious!

They are amazing little girls and we SO enjoy them! Smiling face with open mouth

Hope to see you soon,

My ladies are rad!

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