Friday, August 16, 2013


A couple of days ago, Miss.A, you were home from school as a result of feeling kind of poopy.  I think mayhaps it was the 4 molars and 2 front teeth making their entrance.  

Dad was able to kick out of work a wee bit early and the three of us sat on the floor for a game of Uno.  I whispered to Tu'Padre that you might not be the best sport.  Not 5 turns in (and let me say that during those five turns you gave me 2 draw4.  TWO! and you giggled your ass off)  So, the fifth turn and your dad laid down a draw4 for you and you look at us, threw your cards down, and ran to the other room.  We didn't see you again for an hour.  Dad asked you later that night if you wanted to play Uno again and you quietly said, "no".  

You are the worst sport playa. The worst.  Thank you muy much for making me laugh until I couldn't breathe.

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