Friday, November 22, 2013

Paige's TO DO LIST

(you just showed me this.  Your to do list for the REST OF YOUR LIFE)

  1. 14 yrs old  - work at shop
  2. 15 yrs old  - work at shop
  3. 15 yrs old  - buy a few stocks
  4. 15 yrs old  - get mutual fund put in as much money as I can (add in money when I can) (when I need the money in the future use mutual fun and savings account)
  5. 16 yrs old  - get job at clothing store18 yrs old  - credit card only use for lunch once and awhile
  6. 18 yrs old  - quit job
  7. 18 yrs old  - go to college and get job at college. get student loans and try for scholarship
  8. 19 yrs old  - 2nd credit card
  9. 21 yrs old  - house at least 30% down payment rent out until college is over.use rent money for mortgage
  10. 24 yrs old  - finish college. quit that job and start paying off student loans
  11. 24 yrs old  - get job with college degree
  12. 30 yrs old  - buy second house try for 50% down payment
  13. 30 yrs old  - rent out house that I'm not living in use rent money to help finish paying off mortgage and student loans
  14. Sometime in 40's - become a millionaire
  15. 45yrs old  - have both houses paid off keep renting one of them. use money to add more money to my mutual fund
  16. 45 yrs old  - quit job and open restaurant
  17. 60 yrs old  - pass down restaurant to kids and retire
  18. 60's           - live off all of my extra money
  19. DIE           - pass off houses to kids, pass off mutual fund and money in savings account to kids.    

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