Monday, November 4, 2013

This weekend

So this weekend was crazy - per norm.  Golf lessons, play practice, friends houses, cousins in town.  Tu' padre either wore out his tired body, has the flu, or has the food poisoning.  Who knows, but he was rather sick Saturday and Sunday.  I video taped it and think it's hilarious.  I actually showed the video to a couple of people and they don't see the humor.  That's sad.

Anywho last night you, P, read to Ava to put her to sleep.  You came into my room after she fell asleep to tell me the story you shared with her.  Something about a son and a mom texting and she texts him WTF.  The son responds with, "mom, why would you send that to me?"  the mom replies with, "Well that's fantastic" seemed appropriate.  This is awesome on so many different levels.  I appreciate this mom for she and I may be brain twinners.  Your dad also related to the WTF and even in his state of being a puke whore he laughed a wee bit. Poor guy.  Not really.  Why are boys / mens so drama with the sicknesses?  Why must one hear a man toss his cookies/taco across the house?  

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