Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A day in the life of Paypay

So, when you were 14 you liked to talk - - - a lot.  As we were standing in the kitchen this week you said the following to me:

Paypay "I think we need to volunteer more as a family."

Me, "I love it.  Where are you thinking."

Paypay, "I'm going to start researching it.  I think we should do more with our weekends.  Also, during Christmas break I want to do a Scientific experiment.  I want to eat a ton of food, go outside and get really cold, and then come inside under my covers and try to hibernate like a bear."

Me, "Really?  Is that what it is called?"

Paypay, "Well, not typically, but I believe if I take it to the next level then yes it is a science experiment."

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