Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

Our first trip of the summer involved going to Sue's ranch and visiting Carter at Boy Scout camp. Cassidy, your cousin, came with us and we made the rounds to several restaurants. The first restaurant was Brandy's. Captain had visited this restaurant previously and had built up our expectations. (unfortunately they did not live up)

Picture this: We are sitting there when you, #2, talk about how you might like to order the quiche. Obviously, your dad is not listening and 2 minutes later Mr. Mexico says,

"What is KweechA?"

Ok............I still can't stop laughing. I keep shouting kweechA out every time he speaks. Who knew French words could sound so crazy with a Spanish pronunciation? He had also never heard of a quiche before. (remember how dad wouldn't even try eating eggs until last year?)

So after we ate we headed back to the Ranch. You know how your dad gets distracted and often doesn't watch the road? Thank heavens for Paige shouting, "AHHHHH DEER." The above picture is a good rep for the elk that ran across our path.

So the next day we headed off to the 2nd restaurant that Cap Nate recommended to us. There was a wee wait so we walked to the small waiting area in the front. There was a smallish OPEN sign that hung in the window. YOUR FATHER decided to touch the exposed wire on the sign while holding #4. Yes, I'll repeat that one. Kweechaa decided to touch a LIVE WIRE while holding his precious youngin. They both let out a scream and now your dad's finger smells like fire.

All in all it was a fab time.

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Alpha Monkey said...

Ok, so I snorted so hard at the end I have a bit of graham cracker crust stuck in my sinus cavity! And, yes, I was eating key lime pie for breakfast. You would too.

Also, I had a high school teacher...old nun...who preferred to pronounce all of the Mexican names in our school with a French accent. EVERY DAY attendance was, "Miss ROAD-ri-gay?" And the girl would say, "Rodriguez, here."