Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Night

There are a couple of shows the the ENTIRE family looks forward to and is appropriate for all of us to watch together. Our number uno show is American Pickers. We tape this show and watch it every Monday night. Your dad fancies himself a picker and all of you wee potlickers fancy yourself garbage pickers. Why just this morning I found you, #3 in the kitchen trash, digging out finds you deemed lovely. #4, you haven't distinguished between crap and treasure. I mean this in the most literal translation possible.

Tonight we are watching American Pickers and the group commented on how much we like Danielle's neck tattoo. It makes #4 run around while growling.

We noticed that Frank must now have a stylist for his jeans were looking sooooo much better than the norm. Frank, my dear, we are super appreciative to your new jeans. Your bum (yes we were looking) is in such a finer light now. Now you need to splurge on a new pair of sunglasses.
We love that you retain your serious demeaner when someone is trying to high ball you.

What can I say, Mike's laugh rivals mine. Mike, you say the funniest things. I love the honeypot references, the style cramping mantra, "smoken", Farm Fresh, Freestyling.

We LOVE everything you guys buy!! We may be visiting Antique Archeologists soon. Me love me-self some American Pickers!!!

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