Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I hear really bizzare comments from time to time while working in the shop.

The first was when a customer in from New York was having his daughter's car worked on. Great guy, super friendly, says

NY guy: "Well little lady what do you do around here?"

Me: "I own it."

NY guy: "What?"

Me: "I own it."

NY guy: "My daughter has a job too."

Awesome. I am sooo happy you just pointed out another woman that you know that has a J..O..B.


Customer: "I am a lawyer. If you guys ever need any collections done just let me know."

Eric: "This is not a problem that we have."

Me: "I usually just ask once or twice and I get paid. I tend to be a bit aggressive about people not getting their cars if they don't pay for the repairs."

Customer: "I'm sure that's why the big boys keep you around here."

Eric: " This is Jen Babbitt. She is the owner of Babbitt Motor Werks."

Customer: "Oh....................Well, if you ever need a lawyer let me know."


I walked in the back entrance only to find the air conditioning was broken. Yes, little ones, it was 110 degrees outside and our air conditioning was broken. I saw that Eric was with a customer. I walked around him to grab a water in the lobby and when there was a break in the conversation I asked if he had called Gary to get the A/C fixed. At this point the customer says:

Customer: "Wow Eric, this is a hot young lady you get to work with over here"

Me: "Awesome." (Seriously, I love that he said young. I don't love that he said all of this like I wasn't even standing 2 feet in front of his face. Mr. Chef, tis rude to be so male in my face. I will TOTALLY forgive you though, because my uterus has been the home to four children and I didn't think hot and young would ever be words to discribe me. So, gracias and shame on you.)

Eric: " Jullian, this is Jen Babbitt. She is the owner of Babbitt Motor Werks."

Customer: " Well, I guess I should meet you since you have a lot of my money."

I wish to write a book of all of the interesting comments I hear in the shopffice. (that is a made up word - duh. It rather rolls off out of thy boca don't you think?) How about the time we found a pair of underwear in a guys dashboard that didn't belong to his wife. (His wife was the one that brought the car in) I know it is unusual for a woman to own a repair facility. I get that. I must say that if I had chosen my profession, it wouldn't have been this. The thing is, I enjoy it and I really enjoy all of the lovely people I get to meet and work with.

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