Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The VonTrapps

After returning from Jen and Jason's wedding you guys still had more questions regarding divorce and marriage. Since these are the first people that you are close to that have gone through a divorce the questions have been endless.
#2, your questions lie in the area of what I wore when they met, what I wore when Jen got married the first time, whether or not I would have been a bridesmaid if she had them in her 2nd wedding, is female baldness hereditary and have their been any problems with that in our family, etc, etc. Your FATHER decided to bring up the fact that I prob wouldn't be able to wear the original bridesmaid dress post 4 children. I was all, " Oh Captain, you are soooo foolish. Shall I prove you wrong?"

Ta Daaaaaa......Below is me spinning in my original bridesmaid dress. Zipped and all. Look how all of you are gazing at me with ..................awe. I am spinning like Maria VonTrapp pre VonTrappness.

After I squeezed back into the dress we decided to white trash the afternoon by going swimming in our pool. You guys know that we tend to spoil you and go out of our way to let you know that we will go into mortgage and cc debt for you - hence - the expensive baby pool.

$69.99 at Frys. You guys are worth it!!

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My family Begins said...

Look at you! I'm not sure when she got married but by looking at that dress I'd say awhile ago and it still fits like a glove...lovely.

P.S. You should wear that to the Renaissance festival.

P.S.S. I'm so happy Carter said I had nice hair. These extensions are marvelous...I'm never taking them out.