Monday, May 2, 2011

Funny picture, Funny story - not related

I rather enjoy this picture of you #4. You don't like the noise at the shop and decided to take matters into your hands.

On another note dad and Uncle Danny were driving between shops today and this was the out of the blue conversation:

Uncle Danny, "Dad is probably really happy right now."

Dad, "I'm sure he is."

Uncle Danny, "No, I mean really happy right now. He doesn't have to deal with "The AIDS anymore"

Dad, no words. just a look of pure amusement/shock

Uncle Danny, "You know he doesn't have to deal with that or any of the other bad viruses anymore. I bet he is soooo happy!" (I'm told this was said very seriously and he ended the sentence with real determination)

Now of course your dad has to play with him a little and says.

Dad, "Do you think dad had AIDS? You know he might have, he lived such a short life it is a real possibility."

We love that Uncle Danny gets to live with us and we get to witness his many quirks. Tomorrow is his 40th birthday. We took him out to Morenos tonight to celebrate. We all rode in the big white van. We sang California Gurls by Katy Perry and cousin Danniella joined us. Twas a party on the bus - oh yeah - oh yeah. I asked Uncle Danny to shake his money maker and he farted. Dios Mio. Uncle Danny.

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