Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just a regular day at the recording studio

One of our most favorite bands is EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS. Dad first spied them at Coachella 2010. We have been avid followers ever since. So, I was so pleasantly pleased when Uncle Dave called/texted to inform us that we were selected (by him) to go to a private recording with the band. Holy Batship Wondertwins. Are you serious?

So today you, Carter, and I headed off for our adventure. Twas quite the journey. I wore meself some high heels and golly I had to park far away and climb some half-ass ladder up some parking lot wall. It was interesting. I believe this is what I heard from you the whole time, "Heheheheheheheheheheheheh" in a really high pitched voice.

The following picture was taken in front of the studio door when we arrived. You are hot stuff young muffin.

As you and I were standing there a guy came over to say "Hi". I said "Hey there". He said, "This is my studio". I said, "Oh that is great, Do you get to hang out here and listen to all of the great bands?" He said, "No, I fly in from time to time, but I live in Long Island and I hate it there." Blahblah blah. Me, "Do you have a job in Long Island." Him, "No, I'm a singer in a rock band."

In my head I'm thinking, "Jen, do you recognize him? No, Damn - improvise darling."

Me, "Oh what band is that?" Him, "The Gin Blossoms." Me, " Oh, I have all of your records. You have great music." In my head I'm thinking "Phew, a band I know." Blahblah blah some more. Him, "Hey Carter do you want to go in to the studio and see my guitars?" Carter, "No"

SCREEEEEEEEECH. What the heck did you just say son? Nerves were getting the best of you son. I recover and say, "Lead the way Rockstar." He gives us a tour and kindly explains all of the guitars and skateboards on the walls. He is super super nice!! Thanks Robin.

Just before the band started to set up I caught a quick pic with the mics. There is a guy running the sound booth that looks exactly like Ron Jeremy. If you don't know who that is YEEHAW I'm the best mom ever. Regardless if you know or don't know just know that looks can be a little scary sometimes (thank heavens we don't judge by them) and Mr. Recording Studio R. Jeremy was all about your DEVO shirt. This made you a wee bit nervous, but we made it through it. You rock!

The adorable fans there to watch.

The accordion player in the band. She was soooo stinking cute!!! I enjoy a good accordion player.

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Beeswax said...

WHAAAT? You didn't recognize Robin Wilson? And your son didn't want to see his guitars? Doesn't he know that you always say yes when Robin offers to show you his guitars?