Thursday, September 8, 2011

Phone call Number 3 style

Now I don't consider myself a tech-tard, but my goodness darling what futuristic ideas are flowing through our house right now makes me feel like Jane (Jetson that is).  Aside from the tech play-date I'm super impressed with your new friend.  Here is how I was introduced to little Lola.


Ring Ring

Mama: "Hello"

Little Voice: "I need to talk to Ellie."

Mama: "Ellie is making her bed right now.  Can I have her call you back?"

Little Voice:  "Well just go ahead and take the phone to her."

Mama: "Hahahaha.  Darling I can have her call you when she is done with her chores."

Little Voice:  "She called me twice and I was at my grandmas and we are going to video chat and read a book together so I need to talk to her now. (Big breath after really long sentence)  My name is Lola."

Mama: (Lola is OBVIOUSLY a Badass)  "Well Lola I will have her call you in a bit."

Lola: "How long is that going to take?"

Mama: "Hahahahahahaha.  Lola it all depends on how fast and seriously Ellie takes her chores.  You really never know."

Lola:  "I need you to find her and tell her to take it seriously and get them done fast."

Mama: "Sounds good."  Click


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