Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Who knew that Mesa 2011 was actually Mississippi 1964; substitute Mexicans for blacks and we have a match.  When you go back and read this you will all think,

"Oh, I remember 2011.  Mom and dad were pulling their hair out wondering why people are so hateful / ignorant / unkind when we have come so far with education and humanity."  


"Oh, I remember 2011.  Mom and dad used a lot of profanity over the crazies in the area."

So there is this politician that is one of the most hateful people I know of in a political position.  (I did say that I know of.  There is always the possibility that Ol' Russell could be topped )  So Russell Pearce boggles my mind.  I could just say that he served with Sheriff Joe and -----ENOUGH SAID.   I could also say he was fired from the DMW for some shenanigans.   (I didn't think the DMW EVER let anyone go.)  He wrote a bill called SB1070.  This was co-written by FAIR.  FAIR was labeled a "hate group" by Southern Poverty Law Center.  FAIR also received funds from a neo-nazi group.    He also tried to change the 14th amendment of the CONSTITUTION.    He also emailed a group of supporters with text from an article by a White Supremacist group.   Did I mention that the article denied the Holocaust.  Did I also mention that he baptized a neo-nazi into his Church?  Your father was dining at Cindy's cafe a couple of months ago and overheard a convo between Mr. Pearce and 2 other people.

R. Pearce, "You are a warrior.  I like warriors.  I too am a warrior."

Not kidding.  Next time we are out to lunch I am going to speak like an 8 yr old boy.  Your dad came home and said, "I was sitting next to this douche today.  I think he is in politics."   I said, "Google Russell Pearce's photo."  Dad, "Oh my gosh, that is him."

The recall election is a month away and I am noticing posters EVERYWHERE promoting this man.   I can't figure out if it is inner racism that is motivating people to support him OR ignorance.  Either way it makes me angry and sad.  I thought we had come further than this.  It appalls me to know that others don't understand what a privilege it is to live here.  NO ONE GETS TO CHOOSE WHAT COUNTRY THEY ARE BORN INTO.  Oh wait, what if people really think that they did choose.  "Hey Heavenly Father, I would like to be born into the richest country on earth.  Can you also make me white.  Pretty please!!"

Unfortunately, Russell P was shot in the chest back in the day by an illegal immigrant.  I understand that must have been traumatic.  I also understand that something needs to change.  

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