Monday, January 21, 2013


Sitting here watching the inauguration with all of you.  Some of you went off to slumber, but Paige, you and dad and I are sitting in my room watching the Ball.  Here is our conversation:

(Sir Duke starts playing which spurs your thoughts of what your dream was last night)

Mom, "Paige loves this song too dad.  It is like we are twins."

Paige, " My dream was that I was thinking of what my three wishes would be.  You know, when I am given three wishes. 

(Can I interject here that I too spent numerous hours as a child and teen figuring out what my three wishes would be when the genie granted them to me.  It is kind of like the fact that until I was 26yrs old I thought I would grow boobs.  I LITERALLY didn't think it wouldn't happen until I was 26 and had this thought, 
"I'm 26.  I've stopped growing.  It is never going to happen.  Why the heck did it take me this long to realize this.  crap."
It was the same way with the genie.  I was 15 when I finally realized I wasn't going to fly - by meself - and I wasn't going to get three wishes.)

The first would be that there would be no rules applied to the next wish.  Then my next wish is that I would have as many wishes as I want.  Here are my wishes:

Stevie Wonder can see again
Uncle Danny isn't mentally handicapped
The Lawsons, and grandma and grandpa and us would win the Jackpot Lottery
That everyone would like me, including the girl that doesn't like me
I would go to cooking school in high school
I would never go bankrupt
That I would have my island
That I wouldn't have to go to school everyday
That I could shop for free and just take stuff and no one would care

I absolutely LOVE inauguration.  I love that today is MLK day and we have a black President.  I love that I am a happy human that thinks the best of people.  (I think people are inherently good) I don't blame one human for sooo many mistakes.  (No, I don't just blame Hitler.  He obviously had a crew of crazies to get that shit done. )  Prior to blaming others lovers - - - please say, "what can I do" and/or "what did I do."  Take ownership.  Don't just complain.  


Peace out

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