Thursday, January 31, 2013


First off, this is in the toy room.  You hung a tablecloth off of some chairs and had Ellie take your picture "teaching" school.  Yes, this was the first week of kindergarten and you were a tiny bit excited.

Fast forward to this morning.  I sing my song as I walk through your rooms and hope that it wakes you up prior to resorting to hand smacking your face.  So, I'm singing and you, Ellie, run down the hall and say, "I hate it when you sing."  Awesome.  The song is like a bird chirping out to its baby, "I am your mother.  You don't need to ask the cow or the goat.  Wake up wake up."  Right.  Cute.

Well, I lean over you, A, and sing my song.  In your husky I'm asleep voice you say,

"I am having good ideas in my brain right now.  Don't wake me up."

You didn't wish to share your "good ideas" with me right off, but I heard Ellie weasel one out of you.

CottonCandy Gun

Hell yeah

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