Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ladies Night

Last Friday night my grown-up ladies night was cancelled (flu outbreak) so I came home and took all of you wee ladies out.  We went shopping at Ted Baker.  All of you assisted me in trying on my dresses and picking one out for the wedding we are attending next month.  We ventured into H and M next and I believe it was super successful.  After the clothes we ran over to Grande Lux for some delish.  EVERYTHING there is good.  We followed up our food with beignets.  DAMN.  They are soooo tasty.  

I'm starting Tracy Anderson's workout videos (Yes Captain, I still say videos and taping and other shit that drives you tech-savy adults cray cray)  Anyways,  gone will be the donuts and such other savory goodbits.  In is the juicefest marathon that will be entering our castle as of manana.  I welcome it.  I welcome the possibility of diarrhea.  I do.  I welcome the fate of la juicing and lifting weights.  Let's see what T.A can do for me.  I challenge you Tracy.  (in my head this is said with mucho gusto with a twinge of an accent.  I'm trying to get real for you lovers.  I always have accents going on in me head.)

Paige, you and Alyssa LOVE to pose for pictures.  I watched you whilst we waited for our food and you took about 10 pictures on your phones/ipods........of yourselves.  AWESOME.

You left a letter for me in my side drawer this week.  It is amazing.  It is what happens when a mom goes to therapy and then raises a healthy kid.  Unfortunately, you have forbid me from posting it on my blog.  It actually stated it on the front of the letter.  I will vaguely say that it stated what you found wrong with a situation, what you thought I should say instead (it gave examples), and how you felt.  I loved it.  

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