Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alaska part 1

Waiting for the Sky Train and then below is us on the Sky Train.  Hell yes it was as fun as it looks and sounds little ones.  

We arrived on the large ship and we shuttled into the big theatre (that's how we say it when we are in "the biz")  We were given our packets and name tags by the lovely WorldPac and we were off to the buffet.  (you pronounce the T)  There may or may not have been a multitude of people on said ship that were larger in nature.  This may or may not have persuaded your mother to keep to her regimen of eating like her body once belonged to THE ANGELINA JOLIE before she was reincarnated into the star that she is now.

April and Ehren came with us per usual.  We have such a glorious time together.  E looks like he was caught penetrating dad's mind in this picture."Ahhh, Nathan I will get you to understand never to buy Gold.  Yes, little investor - you WILL SEE MY PLAN."

I'm starting to download all of our pictures and am noticing that on this particular trip I took quite a few pictures of dad and I.  This is not the norm;  it turns out on a cold weather trip I like to see what my face looks like constantly.

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