Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alaska Part 2

We drank a ton of warm water; at times it was not to drink but rather to warm our nubbins.  We may be prissy ladies that can only survive in 110 degree weather.  Maybe that actually makes us bad asses.  

Oh, look who it tis again, why it is tu padres.  Check out the progression of the pelo on tu padre's face on the trip.  At times it looks like he may have accidentally climbed into the garbage disposal and chopped off parts of the fur that it is his face.  Ya''all know that he thinks it is his part-time job to embarrass me so he gives himself facial haircuts that only P diddy should try.  I give him props for trying to embarrass me;  he has yet to succeed.

These pictures are when we are heading into the Tracy Arm Fjords.

April found this hallway on the boat that no one was ever in.  Your dad climbed into the window to watch the whales. 

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