Friday, May 24, 2013

Totem Bight

We went on a bus tour in Ketchican that took us to Totem Bight; as well as, touring the town.  I found the totems very interesting.  It was how the natives explained our existence.  The picture below is of the Chief's son who no one liked and blahblahblah he had to avenge his father's death ------------DEATH BY SEA LION------------no joke.  The Chieftan was taken down by a sea lion.  Can you even imagine.  I bet the sea lion came up to him and was all,
"Mr. Chief I would like to share with you a business idea I have that can make us both lots of easy money. We can be our own bosses. (It's Amway yaáll)" 

As soon as the Chief walks over the sea lion totally slaps him with his tail of death.  Anyways, the son transpires to train in the cold ocean every night to avenge his father's death.  No one liked him hence the night training.  The day came and EVERYONE who fought the sea lion died.  NOT KIDDING.  That sea lion was a sea ninja.  It came to his turn and he took him down by ripping his death tail in half.  
Check it out:

That is his tail up around his neck.  He might have bragged about it to 


Because everyone died fighting the sea lion.  There was no thinking in this form of story telling.

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