Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hair Man

The other morning I gave you a "Haircut" 5 minutes before leaving for school.  We fly by the seat of our pantalones at our house.  It is just how we roll.  IT is muy unfortunate that you moved your head down a bit while I was cutting.  It is also super unfortunate that I have NO CLUE how to cut hair.  I really have no business pretending that I can do almost everything.  You took it well.  I hairsprayed them to the side the first morning and told you that Unicorns prefer girls with hairsprayed, feathered, short bangs.  

You are a great kid Ava.  You really took it like a champ.  I code spoke with your father that evening and you broke the code and told me that I was talking about your bad haircut.  Damn it.   My code speak it part English, part Spanish, and part weird.  I can't really describe it.  I'm not so fun to play pictionary with for I code speak the whole time with my pictures.  

"what do you mean it looks like a tamale or an armpit?  I drew that because it is a Mexican dog that likes to play with baseball bats? Duh"

Hair man - it will grow back.  Vitamins per Sue will be our solution.

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