Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Old Man River

So, the first time I met your grandfather he had pants on, but soooo many times after that he did not.  Rather he had long johns / sleep bottoms / or underwear on.  I walked into the kitchen the other day to find that your father has turned 80.  He was wearing his Under Armour long johns as clothing - by itself.  

Not only is this occuring, but when we were watching How I met Your Mother he asked so many ridiculous questions like this,  ( PLEASE say this in a crotchidy old man voice - like the ancient janitor guy in Harry Potter)

"WHaaat?  How did she know him.  I don't understand did they already know him?  How did she find him?  I don't get it this makes no sense.  Did she try to find him?"

AHHHHH really dude.  

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