Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Frenzy 2010

We will work backwards through the evening. The following picture is Emily and I after thoroughly dancing our fannys off to "Pork and Beans". I did wet my pants. It was worth it. I LOVE that song. Not to mention that River was dancing right next to the VIP section where me and my pimps were hanging out.

Kim and I enjoying Sublime. BTW they are dirty boys that use foul language. Their music was fine, but I much preferred Primus and well, Weezer was AMAZING.

Dad, #1, and Eric hanging out eating the free tacos that were super tasty. Your dad only inhaled 10 of them for dinner. Yes, he looked 6 months pregnant. Yes, he had to consume 10 tums. He says it was worth it.
#1, you were asked to get on stage and sing with Weezer. You got up and left with the guy who asked you if you wanted to do this - without even blinking. Your dad and I stared at each other and thought, "what just happened?" About an hour went by and you returned. You said that they went from asking you to sing the chorus to singing the entire song. You told the guy , "thanks, but no thanks." Carter, I think you are freaking amazing.

1. You went for something new. New is sometimes scary and you didn't hesitate.
2. When you felt uncomfortable you told the adult in charge that you didn't want to do said thing. You totally stood up for yourself and recognized your feelings. I am proud of you!
3. You let me dance with you during Pork n Beans without being mortified by your mother.
Riding around the place in a golf cart driven by Uncle Dave. He really made our evening the most fun.
Uncle Dave getting us around the concert.
Thanks to X103.9 - You really rocked the Frenzy out.

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