Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me, "Ava, stop picking your nose please."

#4, "Mom. I have a friend named Leeza and she is a baby and she picks her nose and it is ok."

Me, "Who is Leeza."

#4, "She lives on her planet. Sometimes I go and visit her on the flying turtles. Her planet is over there. (pointing to the sky). Mom, Leeza has a Robot and her name is Sheera. Do you like that name."

Me, "By the power of GraySkull I do. "

#4, "Mom, Sheera and Leeza ride a whale..............quiet..................Mom. Do you hear that?"

Me, "Who are you?"

#4, "Mom, the people that live in my ears want some more food from the ants. I need to go lay with my ear to the ground. Bye."


Beeswax said...

By the power of grayskull...HAHAHAHAHA.

Sam had an imaginary friend named Kaner. Kaner was a hermaphrodite who did all sort of naughtiness around our place. I think he (she) went on a cruise and didn't come back.

Alpha Monkey said...

You should just give in to the tide and let Eva take over the blog. It is step one in her plan for world domination. Best to be on her good side!