Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I forgot to post this after we attended your brother's SCARE FAIR at school. Tis you #2, with Tatum, Alyssa, and McKenna.

You and your lovelies had a fab time going through the haunted house. It is great that you have made such great friends! We attend 5th grade science camp next week. Tis the SAME camp that I attended in the 5th grade.

You will be picking apart some owl pellets (this is fancy for animal poo) and you have expressed your concern over getting head lice from the owl pellets. Apparently you researched head lice a wee bit too much last time we were infested and found out they can live in bird turds. I will be purchasing hair nets from La Dollar Tienda prior to our trip to ensure we do not catch the lice.

Tia Allie's clan is suffering from the lice right now. This is super bad timing as baby Will was just born. We hope that Tia can return from the dark place that moms go to when tiny bugs suck the blood from our childrens skulls. Allie and I should make a movie "Mom's gone Wild". Instead of topless underage damaged girls it would be

Jen and Allie clad in aprons, a vacuum, and Neem shampoo. We are yelling at children to

"Don't sit on the couch" - "Don't lay your head next to your brother" - "Stop trying to pick off lice and put it on the dog." - "AHHHH, (in a robot voice) Jen is not here right now - my name is Lucinda and you will sit still and let me use this small metal comb to scrap the skin/hair off of your head. If you cry or scream I will also cry and scream."

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Alpha Monkey said...

Sandy and Finn had it while camping in the wilds of New Mexico. Imagine picking nits out of Finns curls which stretch down past the middle of his back while holding his head over a cold stream while perched on rocks. And sharing a tent with the infested boy while she was still clear! (Which, of course, didn't last long.) THAT is some Wild nit pickin!