Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Carter, I LOVE that you dig food so much. It makes all of the cooking worthwhile. I must say it was an extremely relaxing day. You guys went hunting around the orchard while I cooked. Carter, you took the turkey's temperature. You got stressed that it stayed at 175 degrees for a minute. You were a little frantic that it wouldn't reach 180 and may have to go back in the oven.
Miss Paige, you made the loveliest pumpkin pies. I left the kitchen yesterday and you cooked yourself up some pie crust and filling. I am always impressed by your culinary skills. Thanks for contributing to our meal!!
A, you said, (regarding the key lime pie I made), "That is the biggest pie I've never seen."
Ellie, thanks for all of your help at 6:30am with prepping the turkey. It was great having someone to help me open the oven and tell me how much they want Club Penguin for Christmas - 87 times.
Randy came over and he and your dad made movies all afternoon. Earlier this week your dad discovered a website where he can type in a dialogue and choose two random characters to voice the conversation. They are cartoonish and put in random backgrounds. The voices are robotic and he can insert fart noises. He has been stuck to the computer creating movies all week. Carter you and Paige also started making the movies. It is a small glimpse into how random your thought patterns are. Paige, the last line in your movie,
"Let's sit in the corner when the aliens arrive and eat cheese. (fart noise)."

Did I mention that the fart noises cost money? Did I mention that your dad put $10 into the account to promote poop sounds? This is the conclusion to my thesis:

1. that farting is ALWAYS funny
2. that your dad is really 12.

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