Saturday, November 13, 2010


Oh what a joyous day Miss. Elle. You are now 8. You received a brand (Please say this like Bob Barker in your head. Remember, I kind of always have everything in my head going on in an accent or someone else's voice). It is a new one of a kind Schwin. Dad also picked up a bow and arrow set.

This mini jacketa grandma got you brings out the azul in your ojos. I rather enjoy this shot. You are happy and about to eat the cake you picked out. Yes, you decided to buck the system and not get the groundhog day cake; rather, you picked out a strawberry concoction. It might have been real strawberries, one is never too sure about mass produced cakes. I really believe strongly in bakers using actual ingredients in products.


Alpha Monkey said...

It is freaky how much she and Little C look alike! Put her in a blonde wig and him in a brown one and they could mess with us a la The Parent Trap!!

Jennifer Babbitt said...

Since I am a HUGE fan of Parent Trap I suggest we follow through with this plan.

Allison LeBaron said...

Love the pics. Laughed out loud about your side note on baking ingredients. ;)