Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soap in thy mouth

Turns out I may have a mouth on me.  Not just your bossy - smarty - kind of mouth.  Turns out it may be a wee bit dirty.  I ran some errand for all of my masters / you guys the other day when you #4 said to your Captain

A: "Mom left her ipad.  She is going to say, "Damn it I forgot my ipad."

Captain: "What what??"

A: "ahhhh dad listen to me.  She will say DAMN IT I forgot My FREAKING IPAD."


Alpha Monkey said...


The Bearded Iris said...

Dammit! Why do they always rat us out to the daddies?! So unfair. You need to teach that kid to have your back. Bribery. I suggest bribery.