Monday, June 20, 2011

This lovely week

What a harried week.  A little cancer removal, a lot of running around, a bit of pool construction, Father's Day, summer school, cousins - cousins- cousins.  Your dad is officially a Pirate.  We realized after the surgery that we should have had Dr. Glick do the scar in a zigzag pattern.  He could have been Arrrry Potter.  

As we were sitting having Father's Day breakfast yesterday the following conversations ensued:

Ellie: "I'm asking for a hamster for Christmas, because I can ask for anything from Santa."

Me The Mom: "You can not ask for things I don't allow in the house."

Ava: "Can I marry a girl when I get older?"

Me The Mom: "Yes Ava.  Ellie it is too crazy to have a hamster when there are dogs around."

Ellie: "So she can marry a girl when she gets older and I can't have a hamster?  That is crazy."

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