Friday, June 3, 2011

The Local Babbitt Baby

I am reusing this picture to illustrate that your dad is a LARGE baby. It looks like I may have just nursed him. Not in a gross mom and dad kind of way; literally in a baby kind of way.

We were ALL in the blue FLex yesteryear on our way to THE TARGET. Twas a lovely time. We were chatting of our day. Dad and I explained how we met with Ehren today and put some money in the market. We regurgitated what we learned of Walmart stock. Carter my man, you asked if you could open up a Charles Schwab account and buy some "shares of a company".

I don't know HOW the transition occurred, but somehow it converged to "What is your God given Gift?" Your boy-man dad had each of you go around the car and state what you think his "God Given Gift - GGG" is.

Paige, " I believe that it is that you are so flawless."

BLAAAAHSLDKJFLSDKJFLK I just threw up in my lap, on my really nice new shorts from Urban Outfitters. Damn, I love these shorts. Your dad thinks I have been wearing them too much. I say, "Is there such a thing? "

Back to the rounds of GGG.

Carter, " I believe you hair is a gift."

Ellie and Ava, "Me TOO!!"

Paige, "I believe it is your kindness to others. You can also fix ANYTHING."

Dad, "Oh Paige, you are so right. Does anyone else want to add anything?"

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Allison LeBaron said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!! Hysterical post. Everything about it = funny.