Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inside 5

Thoughts from your head via 2012 - This is all done in a JLo Spanish accent with a Mix of Ricky Martin

Oh Aye Mama' I will sit here, maybe run for a bit while you take my photographs.  No, It is no burden. Dios Mio, I am GOOD at this.   Bask in the beauty that is La Ava Esther.   I  am a model with la ginger hair for Pete's sake.  You will notice in picture #3 I pop my hip to the left and in pic #5 the right.  Yes,  Mama' I am a professionial.  More, More photos.  No, don't stop.  get my good side.  I am 5 and proud.  

What did you say?  You ask such journalisticy questions Mama'.  You want me to repeat what I said in the car earlier.  Fine.

I said, "I love Bryce and Hyrum Dale.  What should I do."

You blablabla said, "Ava, you don't have to choose between boys until you get married or in a serious relation blabla."

I said, "But Mama'  Grandpa had 4 ladies."

Then you laughed like a donkey and called my father.  Then I was pissed and yelled at you for a bit.  Now take my picture again.  (when reading this as a grown lady, please remember this story = true)

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