Monday, March 5, 2012

Skateland Part 2

This is def one of my fav pictures.  Check out the way Rachael is looking at Karl.  It like she is thinking,

"Oh Amore that I love.  Whether it is pretend 1984 and we are hanging out with these old people, or present day 2012,  I heart you, you, you HOT accountant."

Tis Bethany and her friend followed by Diami Vice y Janee.  If you tots don't get my Girls Just Want to Have Fun reference then I have failed you.

Next up is Jena.  Also a CPAy accountant.  She is hilarious and the way she talks makes me want to do whatever she says.

I don't dig myself in this picture, but I love Auntie Kim's laugh and I love Uncle Diami Vice in the background.

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