Thursday, March 29, 2012

Uncle Danny

So, we just opened up our 3rd location and I have been there working off and on.  Yesterday was just one of those fabulous days!!  The credit card machine arrived.  Danny was in the office eating lunch when I walked in to hook up the machine.  He left and came back 5 min later to inform me that, 

Danny, "Since you don't like watching me pick my nose I left and dug a ton before I came back in here."

Me, "What??? *confused look on my face*"

Danny *watching me whilst I put this lovely uncomplicated credit card machine together* "Wow, Nathan is sure lucky to have you.  He really counts on you.  You do a lot."

I'm assuming that this credit card machine MAY have looked like a rocket ship that I was single handedly putting together.  

Danny, "Nathan puts a lot on your shoulders.  He expects a lot from you.  You have really tiny legs.  I bet that he doesn't even mind."

Me, "Huh"

Danny, "You have bird legs, but I bet Nathan doesn't really mind."

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