Monday, March 5, 2012


So,  I woke up on the morn of my 36th year to take yer father to his 1/2 marathon.  Might I add that he only ran 5 times to get ready = 28mi.  So the story goes

1.  Dropped him off at 5:30A freaking M on my birthday
2.  Came home and read for a bit
3.  Got back in the car at 8:05A tralalala M  and parked on the SW corner of Power and McDowell
4.  Had the nice Popo help me to the NE corner.  Mile Marker 9
5.  Hello.  What have we here.  The following picture is what I spy when I walk up the the corner.  

They are shaking bells, butts, and dancing to the music.  This is fun.  I love them.  I take tons of pictures for them.  They tell me they work at some athletic apparel place in the mall.  We have it all planned out that they will spank me when dad comes running up and then they will run circles around him whilst singing.

In the meantime they do a bit oh yoga / breakdancing.  This is the BEST birthday ever.  8:55 AM I text your dad.  "Hey I'm on Power and Mcdowell.  YOU CAN DO THIS."  Where the hell is he?  

9:06AM - He calls me and tells me he is at the finish line.  We somehow missed each other.   I get back in the car and race (hahahahaha) over to the finish line.


Your dad is soooo upset that we weren't all there cheering him on.  I gave you guys the option.  Yep, you chose to stay home.  I guess the marathongs and I had so much fun we missed him.   Your dad started limping toward me.  Guess what?  He now can't walk.  Awesome.

We come home and Latrenda pulls in to pick up you, Paige, to go spend the day with Alyssa.  3 minutes later I get a phone call saying, "Come back to the driveway and don't bring 5"  I walk out to find them giving me a puppy they rescued from the irrigation canal.  

She is adorable and unfortunately part Pit.  Since I swore I would never own a pit bull we go to the pound.  Here is your dad cuddling her before we hand her over.

I despise the pound.  Ughh

Next we went to the Cheesecake factory for drinks and appetizers.  A quick stop to the Lulu something store that the marathongs work at.  I purchased some lovely worker gear.

And our final destination was this reflexology / massage place.  Twas amazing.  1 hour full body massage and foot soak for $30.  The best part was I was in a recliner next to tu padre.  What a wonderful birthday.

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