Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Danny's birthdays.

Dad was teaching the 2 of you how to scream like a Mariachi.  Apparently you have to use your arms?

Danny had three birthday parties this year.  Twas an extravaganza.  Below are a couple of pictures from when dad and I took him out for birthday breakfast and he shoved an ENTIRE egg in his boca.  

Egg Smile.  I honestly don't think he chewed.

Oh damn,  he got the giggles and yet he didn't choke or spit out his egg.  Word.

I brought in burritos for the shop for his birthday.  We lit a candle and all sang.  

Birthday party numero tres.  I bought him a new wallet and an Oral B toothbrush.  Tis what he asked for.  Rand purchased the world's largest cup for him to hall around.  The cup is bigger than my head.  My head is large and yet this holder of drink is bigger.  How does he even have the upper body strength to carry it when it is full?  

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