Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Second Frogging

Alyssa came over swimming the other day.  We had noticed a frog at the bottom of the pool a couple of  days prior and gave her notice so there wouldn't be a freak out.   She went to her task of digging it out from the deep end.  Once retrieved the frog was placed on her head, on Paige's head, and thrown around.  Carter, you laughed so hard I thought you had wet the chair.  Never in our lives would we have thought that Alyssa would touch a frog.  Yet, she didn't just touch it;  she took it to the next level.

The Dead frog is quite nasty.  There is a tongue/guts hanging out of its mouth.  Alyssa shoves it back in its mouth.  She uses her fingers to pry the eyes open.  It is quite an experience.  Y'all decide to have a funeral.  I sat outside for 20min while you got your "funeral" clothes on.  I asked for a serious look for the picture.

You even fashioned a box with an little saying on the top.  I can't remember exactly what it said, but was something like  "Dear frog who was loved Rest in peace"

As you are on the tree house thingamabob I hear some shouting.  Words like, "It moved." and "It opened its eyes." were heard.  I told you that sometimes when animals die they will have an involuntary twitch after they have passed.

A couple of minutes go by and you guys run over to me and the frogs chin is blowing in and out.  It's a miracle.

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