Saturday, May 26, 2012

Middle finger

A: "Mom,  is it bad to stick up my middle finger?"

La Mommy:  "Yes. "

A: "Why?"

La Mommy: " It means that you don't like someone."

A:  "What if I don't like someone?"

La Mommy: "No, I mean like REALLY not like someone.  Like punch them in the face not like them."

A:  " I still think I should practice at home."

At this point you stick up your pointer finger.  

La Mommy: (Natural reaction) "That's not your middle finger."

A: " Carter told me it was."

La Mommy: (Shows her the correct finger) "No, it is this one.  Remember, only practice at home."

Did I just correct her?  Did I just show her the correct one?  Damn-it,  what was I thinking.  On the glass half full side,  she won't look like a fool in the 1st grade arguing with some smart mouthed little boy about the "middle Finger".  

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