Sunday, May 27, 2012

6th grade graduation / you look like you are 16

What happened.  It is like you grew up in a day.  You look fabulous in this picture.  I caught you while you were waiting in line to get your picture taken with a hummer.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Maybe because hummers represent "the Man" trying to bring the planet to her knees and 2012 is the year to yell, "No,  I love my Mother Earth.  Down with the hummers and other such things."

Here is Alyssa.  She is one of your bffs.  She is muy bonita y intelligente.  Beyond her is a boy she grew up with.  I thought it befitting that they happened to be in line next to each other.  Beyond them is some twinners.  It is like I was a photographer and I yelled, "One of you happy and one of you pissed that your sister is happy.  No.  I need more angst.  Yes.  That is it,  younger by 2.3 minute twin.  You have it in the bag."

Here is another amiga.  Allie.  She looks extremely happy to be graduating, don't you think?  

I can't get over this picture.  You look like you are graduating from the high school.   It also makes me want to sing some boy band song about how you are fine and you break hearts and stuff.  

A blurry photo of your diploma acceptance. 

Tu Abuelos.

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