Friday, May 4, 2012

Feminism=Trying to prove something

I hired a new employee for one of the shops this week.  She is going to UTI and wants to get into the BMW program.  I thinks she is lovely.  She told me of some of the super offensive experiences she has had with teachers / students at school and at another shop she worked at.  I explained that offensive language does not fly at my shops. 

As I was driving later I thought,  "Why not reiterate that to all of the other employees?"

I informed everyone and went on home to make dinner.  I am sitting down to eat with some of you and Uncle Danny. 

He says, "That new girl.  Is she trying to prove something? "

Me, "What???"

Yard Tard, " Is she trying to prove that she can do MAN WORK?"

Me, "Noooooooooo.  You did not just say that?"

At this point there is a blank stare on his face. 

Me, "Ok,  let's think about this for a minute.   Did your dad have a job and support your family?"

Daniel, "No."

Me, "Did Sylvia have a job and support most of the family?"

Danny, "Yes."

Me, " Did you consider Sylvia as someone "trying to prove something by doing "Man Work" ?"

Danny, "eee ahh hahahaha.  (It was a weird animal noise you made.) Ok,  you got me.  I see your point."

Me, "Whose your Mama?"

Uncle Danny, "You are Mama Jen.  (said in a very respectable tone.)" 
Btw,  your dad stood at the counter laughing the whole time.

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