Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear 12 year old Paige,

Dearest Paige,  Here is a Sunday when you were 12.  

We tend to frequent St. Francis quite a bit.  Here is a Sunday where Alyssa spent the night and we got our fav table in the front.  You ladies both had baked chocolate chip pancakes.  Holy goodness.  

Your handsome father and I had fancy tasting stuff.  

Miss. A had her quinoa salad and your brother had a large hamburger.  E had a pancake.  

Afterwards we headed over to Zinnias for some vintage frills.  Your brother had a lot of fun trying to convince me to purchase really expensive vintage t-shirts.  If I were wealthy and was in the mood to throw around $42 for a t-shirt that was worn out I would have gone with this one.  


Check out the look on his face.  Heehehehehehe

I'm noticing a trend with the shirts he picked out.  Mayhaps he is a teenage boy?

What the heck?   Did he find every shirt that has the word lover?  

I thought your dad might appreciate this green velour suit.  It seems like something he would wear.

I hope your summer left you fond memories of all sorts.  Last evening you and Alyssa made breakfast burritos and watched the Proposal.  Funny that Ryan Reynolds is all sorts of lovely to every age group. I love you.

Best of Luck surviving the Jr.  High!


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