Friday, July 20, 2012

Love is in the air

Love is in la air.  The other day someone called needing a babysitter.  Paige, you were going to do it.  Towards the pick-up time you decided you wanted to take a nap instead.  I said the following,

"If you choose not to babysit then you will not be going with your friends to Sunsplash for evening swim."  (This was scheduled to happen in a couple of days.)

You said, "Find.  I don't care."

Turns out you do care poppet.  When your friends contacted you via the text message you had a lil melt down over your choice not to sit on la babies.  Bummer.  You tried your darndist to stomp your feet and cry.  I have a heart of stone so those methods don't work on me.  Bummer.  Even E was upset for you and tried to plead your case.  HEART OF STONE.

Fast forward to the next day.  You had organized for Grandma to pick you up for a sleepover.  You had it all set up for Ellie to come with you.  Ellie says,

"Nah.  I'd rather go swimming instead."

Ruh Roh

Ellie sees the look on your face and then turns to me and says,

"Okay,  I will go with Paige to grandma's if you let her go to Sunsplash."

1.  I commend you on turning a non-negotiation situation into one.
2.  I Love that you had your sister's back.  A first that I would like to commemorate with a fist bump and possibly a poem.  Seriously awesome.

I said, 

"Throw in 2 free babysitting sessions on Paige's end and you've got yourself a deal.  Look me in the eyes and shake on it."

Damnit.  I really didn't want you let you go to Sunsplash and your babylazy worked in my favor.  I'm on the lookout for another trade/bargain.

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