Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hahahaha Boob

Elle,  You did a great job capturing the haboob the other day.  Dirt showers exist and they are awesome.  

I can't thank tu padre enough for the pool cover idea.  Our pool looks so beautiful the next day.  

The funny thing is remember that "bargain" E made with me regarding you, Miss. P going to night Splash?  Remember how I was initiating prayer circles so that you wouldn't be able to go to night Splash?  Well,  I received a phone call from Latrenda where I hear,

"Look to the East before you pay."

"What? "

"Look to the East before you pay."

I like word riddles.  Hmm.  Where is she going with this?  India is in the East.  I don't like Indian food.  Vietnam?  I do enjoy some Thai food.  I don't like burkas.  Hmmm

"Jen.  There is a haboob coming.  Go outside I bet it is at Val Vista right now."

"YESSSSSS No nightsplash.  Prayer circles do work."


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