Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are on a BOAT

Let me say first off, in 2011 there was an SNL skit that was something about, "I'M ON A BOAT" and I had heard about it and thought I would play it for you guys.  It turns out I had a complete heart attack as we were watching it, for every other word is the f word and it is super inappropriate.  Damn.

I don't know why I brought that up.  Guilt I guess.  So two weeks ago Dr. Otto gifted the Captain a boat.  Yes, a boat.  I know crazy.  Your dad helped him with a bunch of work on his Range Rover and he thanked him with a vintage boat.  Your dad is super happy.  I think it is cute. 

We may or may not have had an experience like the Titanic when we first set sailed on our Maiden Voyage.  I will not speak of it unless you guys (I mean Ava) ask me to be a part of your therapy sessions when you are older.  Until then my lips are sealed for your mental health.  BTW I scream like a normal mother when their boat is being tipped sideways with all of their children in it.  IT IS NORMAL.

Carter you have given me so many photos to show your future girlfriends, thank you!

You may have had a hard time getting over you near boating disaster.

Once we had time to find a cool spot and eat we all had a wonderful time in our newest addition to the family. 

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