Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Twas Carl's birthday recently and the shindig was at Leisure Planet.  Tis a place when the seniors dance, eat, and dress up like cowboys.  I might have wet my pants ......................................again.  Sorry this keeps happening.  I know it is disappointing to me as well.  I know.  Geez guys.

So, I wet my pants as a result of the hee haw dancing that mostly you, Paige, were letting us witness.  I dare say it was quite aggresive.  There is video that goes along with this most pleasant evening.  Paige, you can get down like Usher, if he were into country music.

At one point you said,

"I think country lives in my heart."

Really, this is beyond surprising and fascinates me.  I feel like you might have a couple of personalities and you know that tickles my fancy.  I too have another personality and she abhors country music, btw.  Your's on the other hand might have a pretend best friend of Garth Brooks.  Yeehaw you are cute and sassy.  You stomped around the dance floor like you lost your cat and your boyfriend ran off with the girl next door.  Nice work.

There were moustaches on the tables that we may have stolen from every table at the entire party. 

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