Monday, April 22, 2013

Science Center II

This area was awesome.  You could pick a tune and the magnets would dance.  Carter, I am going to predict your future right now.

Whomever you Marry will be a Ginger.  You have a way with them and they tend to flock to you.  You will also write love songs and can jelly on the side.

There was this cool area where you stood in the middle and were able to experience some different types of weather.  Asher was hilarious.  He kept warning us that we may get wet.  Paige, you had just straightened your lovely locks and this put you in a wee panic.  I believe at one point you tried to lift up the back of my shirt and stick your head underneath.  Since I am not one for back nursing a 13 year old I put a stop to it.  

There was a screen that you could dance behind and we would watch your shadow.  A, you are on the far left and Finn is next to you. No, I don't know who the random is on the far right.  Knowing you though you got their name and phone number.  Yes, you were that type of kid.

This was a thing - gadget - sciency display of wonder where you took your picture and it put you on the BIG SCREEN.  

This is how it turned out.  Finn looks like he should star in the Alien flick that comes out and Ava you look like someone from Finnland that has food poisoning.  This is totally going on the slideshow when you two get married.

Jessica called Cebo to see if they could get 11 of us in and guess what - Hell yes.  We sat outside; it was 86 degrees and we chowed on pizza and crepes.  I love this picture 

Ellie, you and LaCie look super pissed that I asked you to look at me and stop the delight that is crepes.  Ava, you were like @#$@^ you MOOOOM.  I am totally going to take advantage of the older girls being polite and take as much ice cream as I can.

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