Monday, April 22, 2013

Arizona Science Center Estillo Steed

So I purchased a pass for the Science Center this year.  For our first trip al la season de educational we went with the Steeds / Jessica's step-brother Kyle / and Ellie, your bestie LaCie.  We arrived and there were some food trucks in the area outside the entrance.  Since you guys are always hungry and we can not turn our backs on a food truck we invested some time with burgers and fries.  Delicioso.

Carter, you were not trying to pose for GQ.  You were trying to be super annoying and not stop eating while I was taking a picture.  I would say - La Backfire.  Instead you look like you are a gross Muchacho trying to pick up on a classy lady using all of the wrong skillz.

WTF is up with my head today?   I feel like I am Dora the Explorering the hell out of everything.

Ellie, you and LaCie had your nails done in some glow in the dark polish prior to even entering the Center of Science.

There are wheel chair races when you enter and Carter, you and Kyle tried your best to get your cousin/sibling to win.  A, you and Asher had the best time together!

Next up it was the big boys turn.  You were both muy enthusiastic about it.  

I rather enjoyed the bed o nails display.  A, you were super distracted with your feet and E, you were super distracted with the girl picking her nose at the end of the nail-bed.

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