Wednesday, April 10, 2013

THE Wedding

Charbel and Jessie were married and it was an amazing event.  Let us start out with the fact that your dad wore a BLUE suit.  It was hot. 

They wore crowns people.  Seriously, crowns.  I kept gasping and yelling at your dad - crowns, there are crowns.  How bad ass is it when you get a crown during your wedding.  Not only that, but the bridesmaid and best man had crowns.  It was a good sign that this Par tay would be fab when we witness crowns. 

I still can't get over it.

The entire ceremony was in Lebanese.  I found it so damn funny that I didn't understand anything except the name "Jessie" every now and then.  Close your eyes and think of a Priest speaking in Lebanese and then there is a pop of  "Jessie" that is super fast and distinct about every 2 minutes.  Awesome is what I call it.

The mother of the groom likes to have fun.  Not joking.  Look at her all, "I may be the mother of the groom, but I can still wave my hands like I just don't care, like I'm 22. Bitches."

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